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Ramón Cacho launched GrowthJobsList, a curated listing of growth and marketing jobs at startups.
Javi Ramirez launched Hustl, a Mac app that easily records time-lapse videos of the screen to show off your work or show your work process.
Philip Källberg launched Website Metadata Scraper API, an API that allows you to easily extract email, phone number, social profiles, review profiles and more from just a URL.
Graeme Fulton and Chris Konings launched MakerBadge, an open-source badge to put your mark on every project you make.
Pat Walls launched Gratiboard, a website that allows you to easily collect and share all the gratitudes you receive for your products.
Armin Ulrich and Melanie Massinger launched Shipstreams, a website featuring makers who are making live on live streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.
Jon Yongfook launched Zipsell, a free, open source platform for selling digital downloads.
Juan Felipe Campos, Eva Reder, Sophie McAulay, and Leif Abraham launched Design DB, a hand-curated database of the best freebies for designers.
Pieter Levels launched No More Google, a website that lists privacy-friendly alternatives to Google apps / products that don't track you.
David Pardy, Daniel Debow, and Farhan Thawar launched Dialog, a online community dedicated to live, spoken conversation online.
Mohammed Rafy launched Community Manager Jobs, a curated job board of the best community managers and community manager jobs around the globe from top industries and companies.
Pat Walls launched You Don't Need WordPress, easily create a blog using Google Docs.
James Ivings and Danielle Johnson launched UptimeBar, an OS X menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites are down.
Pablo Stanley, Polo Garcia, and Sarah Sharara launched Latinxs Who Design, an online directory of thriving Latinxs in the design industry.
Cyril Nicodème published a blog post, "We finished #1 on ProductHunt, here are our stats!", featuring the project PDFShift (indiehackers.com).
Adriaan van Rossum launched Simple Analytics, an analytics solution for developers without invading the privacy of your users, and has a clean interface, simple integration.
Dan Zaitsev launched CatchAR, a curated directory of AR lenses, apps and projects.
Dimitar Raykov and Hristiyan Dodov launched Pricepeek, a Chrome extension that lets you compare prices of the same product across all Amazon locales.
Martijn Verbove launched History Search, a web app that allows you to quickly find anything you did online using a phrase, comment or topic you remember.
Nick Coates published a blog post, "Scratching my own itch with Drafty", featuring the project Drafty (medium.com).
Nick Coates launched Drafty, an online app that allows you to easily share your draft content with others for review.
Maker Updates achieved a milestone ... unveiled Maker Profiles
Donald Fleurantin launched I Wish There Was An App For, an online community run by an app studio where anyone can submit app ideas and one will be chosen to be built each month.
Mubashar Iqbal published a blog post, "Selling a Side Project", featuring the project Will Robots Take My Job? (medium.com).
KanbanMail achieved a milestone ... first paying customer
Ethan launched KanbanMail, a Kanban board for your emails.
Chandan Lodha and CoinTracker got featured in an article, "Founder Series - CoinTracker" (monolist.co).
Felix Wu and Quentin Oschatz launched Maintainers Wanted, a list of open source projects that need maintainers.
Jam Hunt achieved a milestone ... over 1,000 playlists created
Sep 12
Davis Baer published a blog post, "How to get featured on Product Hunt" (indiehackers.com).
Akshay Kadam launched Away From Keyboard (AFK), a web app that helps you reduce eye strain with reminders to take a break.
Dirk Holtwick launched PDFify, a macOS app that has free text recognition and PDF creation.